About Michigan Quality Industrial Services

MQIS is an industrial cleaning service company created to provide solutions to the hardworking manufacturing industry in Michigan. Co-founders Ben Chene and Nick Skislak met while conducting business within the industrial cleaning industry. Ben was building dies, designing fixtures and machining all different types of OEM parts. Over the years, he's become an expert in operating many different machines and has mastered best ways to clean and maintain the equipment. Nick is the founder and CEO of SS Digital Media, a digital advertising company that specializes in helping local business navigate the Web to expand business opportunities in Michigan, nationally and internationally. Together, with Ben's tactical expertise combined with Nick's strong business skills, MQIS was created to offer eco-friendly cleaning services to the Metro Detroit area. 

We want to make life better for industrial workers by providing the best quality services. We can maintain equipment, lengthen the life of coolant and machinery and we can make a safer clean environment for the people working in the manufacturing industry. Our customers know that the job will get done in a timely manner and that it will be done at a fair price. MQIS offers a variety of cleaning services for multiple industries, including Michigan's historic automotive industry, aerospace, shooting ranges, food and beverage industries and more. The Metro Detroit area is making a comeback in a big way and we are proud to contribute our knowledge and skills to the hard working factory employees. Each job is a new goal to improve the safety and environment of the workplace to ensure high production rates at a low cost. 

Our Cleaning Process

  • Clear the area of customer products and cover what can’t be moved with plastic
  • Vacuum metal chips and shavings from in and around the machine
  • Remove oil from drip pans
  • Wipe and scrape to remove heavy grease/oil
  • Dry Ice Blast critical areas
  • Wipe all remaining surfaces
  • Remove plastic, dispose of all trash, and sweep/mop the surrounding area