What’s the Best Way to Remove Graffiti?

Graffiti can cause headaches for companies because it ends up costing them to clean. Unflattering pieces may even discourage customers from entering your building and ruin the professional look for the business. If you run into an issue of having to remove graffiti, power washing can be an easy and cost-effective way to clean up your property.

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The Right Equipment Depends on the Surface

Once paint dries, it’s tricky to remove. Avoid using low-powered power washers to steer clear of longer waiting times. Do not leave the pressure in one area for a long period of time because it can leave an outline on the affected graffiti surface. Graffiti can be removed on:

  • Metal surfaces
  • Wood surfaces
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Masonry surfaces
  • Glass surfaces

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Act Fast When Removing Graffiti

Would you rather remove one layer of paint or multiple levels at once? The longer graffiti sits, the worse the impact. Graffiti on a building can attract more artists, causing more problems. Not only does it ruin the look of your building, but it can be harder to remove over time. Although power washing is a great method for cleaning graffiti, sometimes building discoloration cannot be avoided.

Wash More Than Once

Like any other type of cleaning, results will improve after multiple applications. Paint dries fast and can be tricky to remove especially when there are multiple layers. More than one power wash can improve both the look of the structure and the outlines left behind.

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Wash Graffiti Away With Michigan Quality Industrial Services

Sit back and relax, all while knowing that MQIS is here to help your business remove graffiti from your surface fast. Our goal is to ensure your business operates at optimal level without compromising safety. With the most advanced technology and eco-friendly equipment, MQIS can preserve the professional look of a building. Contact us today at 888-982-8677 to request a quote for your building.

Removing Graffiti
Find out why you should use power washing services to remove graffiti.
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