Cleanweld cell cleaninging weld cells is no small task, with some methods taking as long as 8 hours per cell. Faster and more efficient than other methods, cleaning weld cells with dry ice blasting takes a fraction of the time. Get started cleaning your weld cells today with Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

Around The Clock Weld Cell Cleaning Services

While faster than other methods, weld cell cleaning using dry ice blasting still takes time. Michigan Quality Industrial Services is available 24/7 for all of your weld cell cleaning needs. Schedule a cleaning service during your facility’s off hours to eliminate slowdowns or halts in production.

Eco-friendly Weld Cell Cleanings

Michigan Quality Industrial Services offers more than just fast and efficient weld cell cleaning services. All MQIS cleaning services are environmentally friendly and clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Evaporating on contact, dry ice blasting efficiently cleans without producing and secondary waste products.

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Don’t waste precious time using old, outdated weld cell cleaning methods. Make your weld cells look and function like brand new with a cleaning service from Michigan Quality Industrial Services. Our dry ice blasting methods are perfect for ensuring quick and efficient weld cell cleanings. Request a free onsite quote today or contact us at 888-982-8677 for more information.

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