Michigan Quality Industrial Services offers an eco-friendly, non-abrasive weld cell cleaning process that ensures your equipment remains in perfect condition during and after it’s cleaned. By using our revolutionary dry ice blasting technique, we are able to effectively and efficiently remove weld cell contaminants without leaving the extra residue that is left behind with sand and water blasting methods. The high pressure of the dry ice pellets blasting at the dirt and grime removes the particles while evaporating on contact with the surface. Your robotic weld cells are left in perfect shape after a deep removal of slag build-up left behind after years of use. Learn more about our dry ice blasting methods and weld cell blasting cleaning by calling 888-982-8677.

Advantages of Robotic Weld Cell Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Faster – Old methods of weld cell cleaning, like metal-to-metal hammering, chisels and wire brushes, used to take up to 8 hours to clean a single weld cell. Dry ice blasting, on the other hand, can cut weld cell fixture cleaning times down to 1-2 hours.

Less mess – Because the dry ice pellets evaporate on contact, the only mess left behind is the grime and slag build-up that has accumulated on the robotic weld cell. No extra sand or water sludge left behind like from other blast cleaning methods.

Increased Production Time – Dry ice blasting means the machinery doesn’t have to be taken apart for cleaning, saving your business from halting production. MQIS also offers robotic weld cell cleaning services when it’s convenient for your business, which usually means during off hours.

Environmentally Safe – No chemicals are used during the dry ice blasting weld cell cleaning process.

Increased Employee Morale – Hardworking employees deserve to work with safe and efficient machinery. When you take care of the equipment with help from MQIS, your employees will appreciate working with the smooth operating machinery.

Extended Life of Machinery – You can be sure your equipment will last longer and work better after MQIS is finished cleaning them. No more overheating, dirty or slow machinery thanks to weld cell cleaning with dry ice blasting.