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How To Wash Your Brick Walls

  • Scrub away grime with bleach and water
  • Eliminate dirt and mildew with powerwashing
  • Utilize dry ice blasting to clean your brick walls
  • Choose MQIS for all your dry ice blasting needs

It can often be difficult to notice dirt and grime build up on brick walls. However, once it is seen, it becomes hard to ignore. Don’t let unsightly dirt tarnish the image of your building. Learn how to wash your brick walls with these tips from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

Scrubbing Away Dirt With Bleach

Scrubbing your brick with bleach and water is an easy, at home cleaning method. First, combine equal parts chlorine bleach and water in a bucket. Dip a brick into the mixture and scrub off any dirt, algae or mildew. Once you have sufficiently scrubbed, rinse the wall with water.

Advantage: This method is easy and fairly cheap to do at home with little or no experience cleaning brick.

Disadvantage: Chlorine bleach produces dangerous fumes that can cause dizziness and other health problems. It is important to only implement this method in well ventilated areas.

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Wash Your Walls With Power Washing

Perhaps the most popular method for cleaning brick, power washing uses pressurized water to clean various surfaces. Power washers can be rented for at home use or cleaning companies can be hired. While power washers are fa
irly easy to use, if not handled properly, they can cause damage to brick or surrounding surfaces.

Advantage: Power washing can be performed by yourself or by hiring a company. This method leaves the option to clean your brick walls yourself.

Disadvantage: If power washing equipment is not properly used, it may dislodge mortar between bricks and cause damage.

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Get Rid of Grime With Dry Ice Blasting

Similar to power washing, dry ice blasting uses pressurized dry ice pellets to clean a large variety of surfaces. Dry ice
blasting is non-abrasive, non-conductive and does not produce any secondary waste. While power washing can cause damage to mortar between bricks, dry ice blasting is able to clean without harming the surface.

Advantage: This method causes no damage to bricks or mortar and produces no secondary waste products.

Disadvantage: This method cannot be done yourself. Dry ice blasting services must be performed by trained professionals.

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Clean Your Brick Walls With MQIS

Michigan Quality Industrial Services has experience using dry ice blasting to clean a large variety of surfaces. Our knowledgeable staff is available 24/7 for all your dry ice blasting needs. Contact us at 888-982-8677 for a free onsite quote and get started cleaning your brick walls, today!


How To Wash Your Brick Walls
Learn the best methods to clean your brick walls.
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