Tips to Get Your Facility Ready for Winter

  • Create a snow removal plan
  • Inspect heating systems
  • Plan for power outages
  • Test your machines
  • Prepare your facility with MQIS

Winter will be here before you know it. Low temperatures, snow and other seasonal elements can cause potential hazards for your facility. Be prepared and get your facility ready for winter with these tips from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

Prevent Slips

Snow and ice provide endless potential for dangerous situations. Prevent slips and falls at your facility by creating a snow removal plan. Stay stocked with salt and other snow melts to eliminate any snow or ice buildup. To prevent slips inside, keep fans blowing or place rugs in doorways to avoid any excess water areas.  

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Inspect Heating SystemsInspect

When the temperature drops, having a well-functioning heating system becomes more important. Inspect your heating source and determine if any maintenance is needed. When inspecting heating systems:

  • Check for worn or damaged parts
  • Clean accumulated dust or debris
  • Ensure air filters are clean and functioning

Plan For Power Outages

Heavy snowfall or freezing rain can cause power outages during the winter. Create a plan for how your facility will manage a power outage. If your facility uses backup generators, ensure that they are in working condition and have enough fuel for the winter months.

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Test Your Machines

Ensure that all your essential machinery is working properly before winter. Taking the time to check your machines allows your facility to schedule maintenance or cleanings prior to snowfall. Machines to test before winter include, but are not limited to:

Choose MQIS for All Your Winter Preparation Needs

It’s never too early to begin preparing your facility for winter. Michigan Quality Industrial Services is experienced in a large variety of facility cleaning and maintenance services for different types of equipment. Contact us at 888-982-8677 to request a free onsite quote for your winter maintenance needs.


Tips to Get Your Facility Ready for Winter
Prepare your facility for winter with these tips.
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