A Clean Work Environment is a Safe Work Environment

Safety should be a top priority in any facility to keep productivity at its best and to avoid injury or health concerns in employees, customers and guests. One of the most effective ways to improve the safety of your facility is to make sure that it is clean, sanitized and properly maintained. Learn why a clean work environment is crucial to the safety of your facility now and in the future from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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Maintenance Checklist

Create a Facility Maintenance Checklist

  • Establish Machine Standards
  • Prioritize Facility Needs
  • Inspect Facility Regularly
  • Develop a Maintenance Plan
  • Implement Routine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key for a high functioning facility. Not only does preventative maintenance save a facility money, it also helps to prevent emergency repairs and equipment failures. Keep your facility running smooth with this facility maintenance checklist from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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The Benefits of Power Washing for Your Machinery

When working with heavy machinery in a busy factory, it’s important to keep equipment clean to keep them running at optimal performance. If left unclean, machines can hold up production time and depreciate. But how should you go about properly cleaning these machines? Power washing has many benefits and can save you money in the end.

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Shutting Down for the Summer? 3 Facility Deep Cleans You Should Perform!

Operating a seasonal company and looking to clean some of your equipment during the off season? Invest in a full-service industrial and commercial cleaning company to help maintain the lifespan of your machinery and safety of your employees. Here are three facility deep cleans your company should perform when shutting down for the summer.

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