coolant tank cleaning

Coolant Tank Cleanings

  • Eliminate oil buildup in your coolant tank
  • Remove debris and chips
  • Some coolant tanks may require more work

For properly functioning coolant tanks, it is important to schedule regular cleanings. Besides slowing down production, dirty coolant tanks can cause premature rust, inadequate lubrication and potential health problems for your staff. Learn how to properly clean your coolant tanks with these tips from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

coolant tankAbsorb Excess Oil Buildup

It is natural for oil to get into your coolant tank. While this may seem problematic, it is easily manageable if caught early. Oil that is allowed to build up for an extended period of time can breed bacteria, leading to many problems for your machines. If you begin to see oil in your coolant tank, simply mop it up with a rag and wring out any absorbed coolant.

Note: Oily rags are highly flammable. Be sure to dispose of them properly.

Remove Chips and Debris From Your Coolant Tank

Once oil has been cleared from your coolant tank, the next step is to remove any chips or debris. Chips in your tank can take up space, making it hard to tell how much coolant is needed when topping up and providing breeding grounds for unwanted bacteria. Eliminate chips and debris from your coolant tank by clearing them out with a perforated scoop.

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What to Do If Your Coolant Tank Gets Out of Hand

A coolant tank that is far overdue for a cleaning has one tell-tale sign: the smell of rotten eggs. An indicator of high bacteria, this rotten egg smell means your coolant tank cleaning will have to be a lot more thorough. While you will still need to remove oil buildup and chips, you will first need to pump out all of the coolant.

Once the coolant is drained, remove the oil and chips as usual. After that, you will need to scrub the entire tank and all it’s parts. Finally, flush the system to avoid recontamination.  

Note: Bacteria can be cleared with biocides instead of clearing the tank, however these are highly hazardous for the environment.

Clean Your Coolant Tanks With Michigan Quality Industrial Services!

Save yourself the hassle of extensive coolant tank maintenance by scheduling regular cleanings with Michigan Quality Industrial Services. Our experienced staff operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers a variety of coolant cleaning services to ensure your machines maintain top performance. Receive a free onsite quote today or contact us at 888-982-8677 to learn more.


Coolant Tank Cleanings
Learn how to clean your coolant tank with these tips.
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