dry ice blasting

Water Blasting vs. Dry Ice Blasting

  • Both water and dry ice blasting are eco-friendly, effective and fast.
  • Water blasting is best used on building walls and similar surfaces.
  • Dry ice blasting can be used on virtually any surface or machinery.
  • Dry ice blasting is better suited for spaces that can’t be cleaned with water.

Cleaning your facility is no small task. When considering the best cleaning method for your facility, it is important to consider environmental impact and facility downtime. Both water blasting and dry ice blasting are eco-friendly, effective and have fast cleaning methods. Compare the two and choose which is best for your facility with Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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brick wall

How To Wash Your Brick Walls

  • Scrub away grime with bleach and water
  • Eliminate dirt and mildew with powerwashing
  • Utilize dry ice blasting to clean your brick walls
  • Choose MQIS for all your dry ice blasting needs

It can often be difficult to notice dirt and grime build up on brick walls. However, once it is seen, it becomes hard to ignore. Don’t let unsightly dirt tarnish the image of your building. Learn how to wash your brick walls with these tips from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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Weld Cell Cleaning Tips

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Facility Runs Smoothly

A properly maintained and operational facility is key to a successfully run business that maximizes productivity and minimizes setbacks. Keeping your facility in top condition is no easy feat, but can be made much simpler with a few helpful tips. Learn about the three ways that you can make sure your facility runs smoothly now and for the future.

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The Benefits of Power Washing

Things to Look for in an Industrial Cleaning Company

  • Multiple Cleaning Services
  • Green and Eco-friendly Cleaning Options
  • 24-hour Cleaning Solutions

Many industrial cleaning companies boast that they can do the job faster than others, but speed isn’t the only requirement a quality industrial cleaning company should offer. A job that’s done quickly but poorly will only result in only more work for you later on, and a job that takes too long will only slow up production and cost you more cash. Find out what you should keep in mind when seeking the best industrial cleaning solution to keep your facility, plant or business running smoothly and efficiently from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.  

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