Green Options For Equipment Maintenance

  • Routinely check your equipment’s performance
  • Choose fluids that are eco-friendly
  • Frequently clean your equipment and filtration systems
  • Choose MQIS for your equipment maintenance needs

Many facilities are making the choice to go green. While it may seem difficult, it is entirely possible to find environmentally friendly options for equipment maintenance. Help your facility go green with these tips from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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Cleaning Machine

Guide To Industrial Machinery Cleaning

  • Choosing an appropriate cleaning method
  • Conveniently time cleanings
  • Consider the environmental impact

Unique machinery and busy production schedules can make cleaning your industrial machinery a difficult task. Make cleaning easier-than-ever by following this guide to begin industrial machinery cleaning by Michigan Quality Industrial Services. Read more

Maintenance Checklist

Create a Facility Maintenance Checklist

  • Establish Machine Standards
  • Prioritize Facility Needs
  • Inspect Facility Regularly
  • Develop a Maintenance Plan
  • Implement Routine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key for a high functioning facility. Not only does preventative maintenance save a facility money, it also helps to prevent emergency repairs and equipment failures. Keep your facility running smooth with this facility maintenance checklist from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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How to Clean Facilities with Environmentally Friendly Methods

Over the past few years, it has become more and more common for companies to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning procedures. Eco-friendly methods are better for the environment, better for the employees and can save the company money. Follow these three tips to easily transition facilities to eco-friendly cleaning procedures.  

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The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for Your Business

There are countless benefits to using dry ice blasting for your business! The effective, non-abrasive, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning option maintains the function of your equipment, machinery and the look of your facility. From extending the life of your equipment to keeping production downtime to a minimum, learn more about the major benefits of dry ice blasting from MQIS.

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Things to Look for in an Industrial Cleaning Company

  • Multiple Cleaning Services
  • Green and Eco-friendly Cleaning Options
  • 24-hour Cleaning Solutions

Many industrial cleaning companies boast that they can do the job faster than others, but speed isn’t the only requirement a quality industrial cleaning company should offer. A job that’s done quickly but poorly will only result in only more work for you later on, and a job that takes too long will only slow up production and cost you more cash. Find out what you should keep in mind when seeking the best industrial cleaning solution to keep your facility, plant or business running smoothly and efficiently from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.  

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