Smoke and Fire Restoration Tips

  • Seek professional advice
  • Check your safety protocols
  • Extract leftover ash from surfaces

A facility or property fire can be one of the most debilitating things to happen to a business manager or owner. Smoke and fire restoration is extremely important in order to regain normal operation of your facility or business. Keep reading to learn smoke and fire restoration tips that can help minimize damage and speed up repair efforts from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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Always Consult a Professional First

One of the most important aspects of smoke and fire restoration is that it requires expert advice and the right equipment to be done correctly. Whether you contact an industrial cleaning company or a professional fire restoration team, the time and attention needed for smoke and fire restoration is not something that can be done by an inexperienced individual. Contact your insurance agent and local fire marshal to be pointed in the right direction.

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Minimize Further Damage

Even though professional smoke and fire restoration requires the knowledge of an expert, there are several ways you can minimize further smoke damage and stop the lingering effects of a fire on your home or property. In addition to contacting your fire marshal for safety precautions and protocols, you should: 

  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors
  • Open windows and other entry points into the home or business
  • Turn on fans or install them to circulate air in the property
  • Dry damp or water damaged items

Remove Soot From Fabrics and Surfaces

While it is ideal to hire a professional upholstery restorer or industrial cleaning technician to remove soot from furniture, equipment and other items on the premises, you can begin the process yourself. By holding a vacuum over carpets, curtains and other surfaces, you can extract caked-on soot and ash from surfaces. Be careful not to use scrubbing attachments with the vacuum, as this may cause soot to become more embedded in fabrics or in certain parts of machines.

Let MQIS Handle Your Smoke and Fire Restoration Needs!

If you’ve suffered from a building or property fire, the last thing you need is further stress or hassle of restoring your business on your own. Let our team of experienced professionals clean away smoke and fire damage to help you regain your livelihood quicker. To learn more about the fire restoration services we offer, contact us or request a free quote at 888-982-8677 today.


Smoke and Fire Restoration Tips
Learn the best methods to safely clean your facility after a fire.
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