Shutting Down for the Summer? 3 Facility Deep Cleans You Should Perform!

Operating a seasonal company and looking to clean some of your equipment during the off season? Invest in a full-service industrial and commercial cleaning company to help maintain the lifespan of your machinery and safety of your employees. Here are three facility deep cleans your company should perform when shutting down for the summer.

Wipe Clean Weld Cells

Old school cleaning techniques like wire brushes can take over five hours to clean a weld cell. By investing in weld cell cleaning, you can greatly lengthen the lifespan of the machinery. Employee morale will also rise because of improved machine performance, eliminating problems and headaches.

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Maintain Coolant Tanks

Looking for coolant tanks that will last? Implementing a consistent schedule of cleaning and lubricating is a great way to extend the life of your tanks. This increases the productivity and durability of not only your equipment, but also your business. Without coolant tanks running properly, more breakdowns could occur causing efficiency to decrease.

Blast Away the Grime

Dry ice blasting is less abrasive than other forms of blast cleaning and environmentally friendly. Dry ice pellets evaporate on contact, therefore the only mess left behind is the grime build up from the machines. A few benefits behind dry ice blasting are:

  • No harsh chemicals or byproducts
  • No residue or hard cleanup
  • No abrasions or damages to equipment

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Invest With Michigan Quality Industrial Services

No matter the type of equipment or cleaning needed, MQIS has a knowledgeable team readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete any industrial cleaning project. Contact us to discuss our many different industrial cleaning options. Call 888-982-8677 today to keep your machines running like new.


3 Facility Deep Cleans You Should Perform
Invest in facility deep cleans to help maintain the lifespan of your machinery and safety of your employees.
Brand: Michigan Quality Industrial Services
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