Restaurant Fire Disaster Restoration Guide

Electricity and gas are two main factors to consider when running a restaurant. When these two elements are not used properly, fire hazards can take place with a single spark and lead to disaster. Not only can the damage impact your company today, but not long-term repercussions could cost your business more time and money than necessary. Preparing for a potential fire disaster will save you both time and money, as well as ensuring your employees know what to do in the event of a fire. Read through this fire disaster restoration guide to learn which steps to take after a fire does occur.

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Take Action and Plan Ahead

Working proactively and having routine systems checks can reduce your likelihood of fires. Over time, equipment wears out and tends to deteriorate; thoroughly checking the equipment can create a safer working environment. Investing time into inspecting machinery and equipment will provide your company the opportunity to identify problems sooner rather than later.

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Releasing Smoke from a Confined Area

Restaurants are at high risk for fires to burn out of control due to tight spaces. With fire comes smoke and smoke can linger in such tight areas. Smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and possible chemicals. Inhaling smoke for even a short period of time can cause damage to your body by decreasing the body’s intake of oxygen. A few steps to eliminate the buildup of smoke from an area include:

  • Opening nearby windows to allow an easy exit for the smoke
  • Pointing fans in the direction of the exit to circulate flow throughout the building
  • Install a hood duct over the stove to vent smoke from the building

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Consult With a Professional Fire Restoration Company

Make sure your business is running at optimal efficiency by receiving professional advice. Reaching out to an industrial cleaning service company can help to inform employees about the proper knowledge to maintain equipment, create a safer work environment overall and prepare for future situations that could be costly and dangerous.

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Follow this guide to easily restore your restaurant after smoke and fire damages.
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