How to Remove and Prevent Mold with Dry Ice Blasting

Whether in your business, facility or home, mold can be problematic and toxic to anyone within its reach. Mold growth has been linked to a range of allergic reactions, including respiratory problems, sinus irritation and other health issues. Learn how you can safely and efficiently prevent and remove harmful mold growth from your business with dry ice blasting!

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When and Why Does Mold Occur?

While it is impossible to rid your facility of all mold and mold spores, the main cause of mold is water and excess moisture. Mold spores are often found in air and dust, leading to toxic mold growth on surfaces, in vents and on equipment or machinery. In order to avoid further growth, it is crucial to not only remove visible mold, but to keep areas of your facility that could harbor mold as clean and dry as possible.

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Why Mold Prevention is Key to a Safe Facility

Just as industrial equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained to Mold Preventionfunction at its best, so does the property that houses your business in the first place. By removing potentially harmful mold spores and cleaning areas of your facility where mold growth is possible, you can maximize the safety of employees, personnel and customers. In addition to providing a safer business environment, mold prevention can:

  • Stop product contamination
  • Improve the overall look of your facility
  • Keep your facility from harboring toxic bacteria
  • Increase employee health and working satisfaction

How Dry Ice Blasting Works to Remove Mold

If you’re ready to remove and prevent mold from taking over your facility, dry ice blasting is a powerful, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning option that can keep mold from becoming a serious problem. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air to accelerate solid carbon dioxide pellets onto gunk and grime on surfaces, equipment and other areas where mold can grow. When you take advantage of dry ice blasting, you can rest assured knowing that dry ice blasting produces:

  • No residue or harmful waste
  • No damage to equipment or surfaces
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less production downtime

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Let MQIS Provide Dry Ice Blasting for Your Mold Removal Needs!

At MQIS, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify the root causes of mold in your facility and quickly take the necessary steps to remove it for good. With dry ice blasting services available at any time of day or night, we can prevent mold from affecting your business and your bottom line when you need it. To see how we can help you prevent and remove mold with dry ice blasting, contact us at 888-982-8677, today!

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