How Dry Ice Blasting Works

Dry ice blasting is an effective and eco-friendly way to clean industrial equipment and surfaces. It’s non-abrasive and creates no secondary waste. Dry ice blasting utilizes compressed air that accelerates dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, at high speeds. Learn more about how dry ice blasting is able to clean heavy dirt and grime.

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Pellet Kinetic Energy and Thermal Shock Effect

Dry ice blasting uses a combination of pellet kinetic energy and thermal shock effect in order to easily remove built up dirt and grime from industrial surfaces.

Pellet Kinetic Energy – used when the pellet hits the surface of the equipment or area. However, this energy has minimal effect. While the dry ice is solid, it is still soft, and is not as abrasive upon contact.

Thermal Shock Effect- as the dry ice pellets hit the surface, it changes its form from solid to gas and produces a thermal shock effect. Heat is absorbed and causes stress to the layer of grime.

Together, they create a “Micro-explosion” to get rid of layers of dirt from industrial equipment and surfaces.

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The Clean Up Process

Due to pellet kinetic energy, the pellets disappear, which is why no secondary waste is produced. All that’s left is to dispose of is the grime that was blasted off of the surface, which minimizes cleanup time.

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Clean Industrial Equipment with Dry Ice Blasting from MQIS

Michigan Quality Industrial Services has the years of experience needed to clean a variety of industrial equipment with dry ice blasting. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your cleaning needs and to minimize downtime. Contact us at 888-982-8677 to learn more and request a free quote, today!


Dry Ice Blasting
Dry ice blasting to keep your industrial machinery operating at its best.
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