At Michigan Quality Industrial Services, we recognize the important role machinery plays in the Michigan economy. That’s why our professional industrial cleaning experts offer only the best equipment cleaning services to our clients. We take pride in ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine by offering non-abrasive cleaning techniques that won’t damage expensive equipment. Proper equipment maintenance means your machinery runs better and lasts longer. Let Michigan Quality Industrial Services check, clean, lubricate and maintain your equipment for a safe and efficient workplace.

Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance Services

After years of professionally cleaning and maintaining a wide variety of industrial equipment, Michigan Quality Industrial Services developed a thorough cleaning process based on the 5 S’s that ensures equipment longevity and efficiency: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Our team of equipment cleaning experts goes through all of these essential steps to make sure your industrial equipment is as clean and productive as possible. Some of the equipment maintenance services we offer include:

  • Cleaning mist collectors
  • Servicing vacuum pumps
  • Maintaining machine oiling
  • Checking coolant tanks and concentrations & more!

The Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance Process for Businesses

Our goal is your goal: to ensure your business operates at its optimal level without compromising safety. The equipment cleaning experts of Michigan Quality Industrial Services will meet with you to discuss the equipment that needs cleaning in detail and address the specifications per each piece of equipment. Then, following the 5 S process, professional equipment cleaners will service your equipment using high-tech and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques. Your equipment will run like new and your business won’t suffer a loss of production due to downtime. Request a free quote from Michigan Quality Industrial Services and get the equipment maintenance and cleaning services you need!