Maintenance Checklist

Create a Facility Maintenance Checklist

  • Establish Machine Standards
  • Prioritize Facility Needs
  • Inspect Facility Regularly
  • Develop a Maintenance Plan
  • Implement Routine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key for a high functioning facility. Not only does preventative maintenance save a facility money, it also helps to prevent emergency repairs and equipment failures. Keep your facility running smooth with this facility maintenance checklist from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

Machine Standards

Create set standards for all machines and equipment in your facility. This allows for quick and easy inspections to determine what machines need to be fixed. These set standards will help monitor efficiency and decide if any further maintenance is needed.

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Prioritize Facility Needs

Determine what machine is the most important for your facility. Make this machine your top priority and inspect it regularly. Older machines or machines that break down often should also be inspected frequently. Your most important machines and machines with frequent problems should be the top priority for maintenance.

Inspect Facility RegularlyFilling tank

Set regulated times to inspect your entire facility. A regular schedule will help your facility notice areas in need of maintenance before they become problematic. Aspects of your facility to inspect regularly include, but are not limited to:

  • Roofing – Twice a year and after strong storms
  • Heating and cooling equipment – four times a year
  • Plumbing and restrooms – once a year
  • Electrical – every three to five years

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Develop a Maintenance Plan

Make a maintenance plan for an easy way to ensure maintenance takes place. Implement a month-by-month plan for your facility. Have whoever is inspecting or doing maintenance at your facility creates and follows through with the plan. This will help with consistency and prevent confusion in the future.

Implement Routine Maintenance with MQIS

While it is important to frequently inspect your facility, routine maintenance is key. Frequent and routine maintenance of your facility will ensure it runs efficiently. Frequent facility maintenance should include:  

  • Cleaning mist collectors
  • Maintaining machine oiling
  • Checking coolant tanks regularly

MQIS offers a large variety of services, including dry ice blasting, machine cleaning and equipment maintenance. We are here to make sure your machines are running smoothly and efficiently. For all machine maintenance needs, contact MQIS.

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Schedule Your Facility with Michigan Quality Industrial Services

We are here to help with all your preventative maintenance needs. Available 24/7, our knowledgeable staff uses eco-friendly methods for machine maintenance, creating no secondary waste. For more information or to schedule a free quote, contact us at 888-982-8677.

Create A Facility Maintenance Checklist
Keep your facility operating smoothly with this facility maintenance checklist.
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