Michigan Quality Industrial Services will take care of your industrial cleaning project with carbon dioxide (CO2) blasting. We offer fast and eco-friendly cleaning services. Choose MQIS to clean your machine with CO2 blasting, today!

Cleaning with CO2 Blasting

There is less of a carbon footprint with CO2 blasting. CO2 blasting is one of the only emissions that will convert back into carbon dioxide gas after the dry ice blasting process. CO2 blasting is not harmful because we breathe out carbon dioxide every day. CO2 cleaning is preferred by many companies because it:

  • Doesn’t have secondary waste to clean up
  • Cuts down costs
  • Improves machine performance and
  • Cuts your cleaning time in half

Why choose MQIS?

MQIS is a full-service, commercial and industrial cleaning company. We remove years of slag build up from machines to help make them run like new again without halting your production. With dry ice blasting, we have helped clean up smoke damage, coolant tanks, weld cells and more. MQIS offers emergency response cleaning for any project.

Get a Free Quote Today from MQIS

Michigan Quality Industrial services is the solution to all of your cleaning needs. We are dedicated to your CO2 blasting needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don’t need to worry about closing down your shop. Call us at 888-982-8677 or request a free quote to clean your equipment, today!

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