Have you experienced fire or smoke damage in your home, facility or business? While cleaning fire damage may seem like a daunting task, the experienced technicians at MQIS can help. Read on to learn more about the services we offer in cleaning fire damage and restoring the look of your facility or property.

Why Cleaning Fire Damage is So ImportantMichigan Smoke Damage Restoration Services

While the initial damage caused by a fire is a monumental problem in and of itself, there are lingering effects that fire damage can have on a residential or commercial property. Without starting the process of cleaning fire damage immediately, you may experience the following long-term issues from smoke and fire damage:

  • Corrosion and discoloration of walls
  • Intense and potent smoke odors
  • Ash buildup on surfaces and in vents

Tips For Cleaning Fire Damage

One of the most important tips for cleaning fire damage is to not attempt it on your own. Only trained experts and technicians from an industrial cleaning company should take on the task of cleaning fire damage, especially in severe cases. The knowledge, specialized equipment and manpower than cleaning fire damage requires is not something that the average home or business owner can handle on their own.

Call MQIS for Cleaning Fire Damages Quickly and Safely!

At MQIS, our number one priority is cleaning fire damage to help you restore your home or business worry-free and as quickly as possible. Our experienced team of technicians can clean smoke and fire damage thoroughly and efficiently to prevent further harm to your property. To learn more about our fire and smoke damage restoration services, contact us online or at 888-982-8677, today.

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