weld cell cleaning

Top Weld Cell Cleaning Methods

  • Metal-to-Metal Hammering to Remove Debris
  • Chip Away Dirt With Chisels and Wire Brushes
  • Blast Away Debris With Dry Ice Blasting

There are many different methods your facility can utilize when cleaning your weld cells. While these methods differ slightly, each is an effective cleaning process for getting your weld cells looking brand new. Learn which weld cell cleaning process is best for your facility with Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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dry ice blasting

Tips For Estimating Dry Ice Blasting Cost

  • Consider the number of surfaces or machines
  • Assess the extent of dirtiness
  • Determine how long the job will take
  • Receive a free dry ice blasting cost quote with MQIS

Considering utilizing dry ice blasting in your facility? Every dry ice blasting job is customized so the cost of cleaning is entirely determined by your facility’s needs. Here are questions to consider when estimating dry ice blasting cost from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.

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Dry Ice Blasting Applications

  • Blast away hazardous smoke damage
  • Quickly remove layers of paint
  • Safely clean machines or equipment

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that uses dry ice pellets to clean a variety of materials. These high velocity pellets are less abrasive than other blasting methods. Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly and produces no secondary waste. This method is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including but not limited to:

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Dry Ice Blasting

How to Remove Paint Using Dry Ice Blasting

Removing paint from a variety of surfaces can be difficult and time consuming. Finding a safe and efficient method to get rid of stubborn paint is often frustrating. Dry ice blasting is a quick, environmentally safe method for removing paint from any surface. Learn more about how you can remove paint using dry ice blasting.

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What’s the Best Way to Remove Graffiti?

Graffiti can cause headaches for companies because it ends up costing them to clean. Unflattering pieces may even discourage customers from entering your building and ruin the professional look for the business. If you run into an issue of having to remove graffiti, power washing can be an easy and cost-effective way to clean up your property.

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How to Clean Facilities with Environmentally Friendly Methods

Over the past few years, it has become more and more common for companies to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning procedures. Eco-friendly methods are better for the environment, better for the employees and can save the company money. Follow these three tips to easily transition facilities to eco-friendly cleaning procedures.  

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Everything You Need to Know About Coolant Cleanings

Does your company operate industrial machines regularly? If so, it is crucial to periodically clean out your machine’s coolant to ensure maximum efficiency. Appropriate cleanings include effectively monitoring the coolant tank and testing the coolant liquid. Michigan Quality Industrial Services is here to provide your company with everything you need to know about coolant cleanings.

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Restaurant Fire Disaster Restoration Guide

Electricity and gas are two main factors to consider when running a restaurant. When these two elements are not used properly, fire hazards can take place with a single spark and lead to disaster. Not only can the damage impact your company today, but not long-term repercussions could cost your business more time and money than necessary. Preparing for a potential fire disaster will save you both time and money, as well as ensuring your employees know what to do in the event of a fire. Read through this fire disaster restoration guide to learn which steps to take after a fire does occur.

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How to Remove and Prevent Mold with Dry Ice Blasting

Whether in your business, facility or home, mold can be problematic and toxic to anyone within its reach. Mold growth has been linked to a range of allergic reactions, including respiratory problems, sinus irritation and other health issues. Learn how you can safely and efficiently prevent and remove harmful mold growth from your business with dry ice blasting!

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Things to Look for in an Industrial Cleaning Company

  • Multiple Cleaning Services
  • Green and Eco-friendly Cleaning Options
  • 24-hour Cleaning Solutions

Many industrial cleaning companies boast that they can do the job faster than others, but speed isn’t the only requirement a quality industrial cleaning company should offer. A job that’s done quickly but poorly will only result in only more work for you later on, and a job that takes too long will only slow up production and cost you more cash. Find out what you should keep in mind when seeking the best industrial cleaning solution to keep your facility, plant or business running smoothly and efficiently from Michigan Quality Industrial Services.  

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