5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Commercial Facilities

Preventive maintenance for commercial facilities is an important part of running a safe and efficient business. Preventive maintenance saves money by preventing emergency repairs and equipment failures. Follow these five tips to for preventive maintenance and keep business running smoothly.

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1. Set Standards for Each Machine

Setting standards for machine maintenance is an important step in preventative maintenance. Setting standards allows for easy inspection to determine if the machine needs to be fixed. Standards help measure how efficient the machine and if it needs further maintenance.

2. Identify the Most Important Needs

Identify the most important machine maintenance for each facility. Older machines should be checked frequently to make sure they don’t break down. Machines that need a lot of maintenance or break down frequently should be inspected often as well.  The most important machines that need maintenance should be the priority.

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3. Create a Maintenance Plan

Creating a maintenance plan, or checklist, is an easy way to make sure preventive maintenance happens. Creating a plan month-by-month helps make the plan become routine. A helpful tip is to have the person who is inspecting or doing maintenance to initiate the plan in case there are any questions in the future.

4. Regularly Inspect the Facility

Regularly inspecting the facility is a great way to keep machines running. Roofs should be inspected once or twice a year, and after severe storms. Heating and cooling equipment should be inspected four times a year. Any plumbing and restrooms should be inspected once a year, and electrical should be inspected every three to five years.

5. Implement Routine Maintenance

After inspection of the facility, it is important to implement routine maintenance to get the most out of preventative maintenance. This includes cleaning mist collectors, maintaining machine oiling and checking coolant tanks. Dry ice blasting can remove dirt without being abrasive. Dry ice blasting quickly removes unwanted particles without harming the equipment, the environment and the workers.

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