3 Ways to Lower Facility Downtime When Cleaning

While cleaning facilities is a necessary task, it can cause long hours of downtime, which reduces production and profits. However, there are a few steps that can be taken to reduce downtime while cleaning. Follow these tips to increase production and decrease downtime.

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1. Clean During Off Hours

Unless your facility is constantly in production and never closes, cleaning during off hours is the easiest way to minimize downtime. Michigan Quality Industrial Services offers industrial cleaning services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which can help lower facility downtime during the cleaning process.

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2. Utilize Dry Ice Blasting to Clean

Not only does it matter when you clean, but it also matters how you clean. Sandblasting is a possible option to cleaning dirt and grime, but it can actually increase downtime and damage your machines over time. Dry ice blasting is an eco-friendly alternative to sandblasting. Its benefits include:

  • Less waste – dry ice evaporates, leaving only the dirt and grime to clean up
  • Less expensive – less time is taken for waste cleanup, limiting downtime
  • Less abrasive – risk of damage to equipment is minimized

3. Create a Cleaning Plan

Creating a cleaning plan can lower downtime by prioritizing areas of the facility. Some machines or areas of the facility do not need to be deep cleaned as often as others. A cleaning plan can determine how frequent each area needs to be cleaned so areas of the facility do not have excess downtime.  

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Clean Facilities with Michigan Quality Industrial Services

Reduce downtime and clean facilities with Michigan Quality Industrial Services! MQIS provides a variety of services to clean your facility, including dry ice blasting, machine cleaning and weld cell cleaning. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to minimize the downtime it takes to clean. Contact us online or call us at 888-982-8677 to request a free quote and schedule an appointment!


Lower Facility Downtime When Cleaning
Follow these tips to increase production and decrease downtime.
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